Weekly Schedule (Posts)

Sun/Tues/Thursday: Music (Chill Music, Deep-house, Soul, & Left-field)

Mon/Wed/Fri: Beauty, Tutorials, & Women Conversations  

Tues/Thursday: Elegant Design Series

Saturday: Women Into Yoga, Photographers & Random Posts

Any Given Day: Vegan Food, Trending News & Spiritual Thoughts

A Brief History

DailyMoments9 is a luxury magazine focus on natural organic women who enjoy makeup, hairstyles, yoga, spirituality, and chill/soulful music (hip-hop, R&B,  folk, deep-house, instrumentals, lo-fi, and electronic). 
We reflect spiritual eloquence in all of our daily moments!

Janal Daner is the editor in chief

Lana Pett is the trending news/magazine editor & designer

Keyla Beha is ad & marketing director

Akello G Light is the interview director

Lastly, Qurrx is the music review & submission editor